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Eyegaze Edge®

  • Eyegaze Edge speech generating device and eye tracking camera with on screen children education or communication activities
  • Eyegaze Edge speech generating device and eye tracking camera with eye image and on screen keyboard
  • Eyegaze Edge speech generating device and eye tracking camera in action
  • Eyegaze Edge speech generating device and eye tracking camera gazepoint visual
  • Eyegaze Edge eye tracking camera
  • Manually adjusting focus on Eyegaze Edge eye tracking camera
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Product Description

Eyegaze Edge®

How does it work?

A special eye tracking camera mounted below the Eyegaze Edge® screen observes one of the user’s eyes.

Sophisticated image processing software analyzes the camera’s images 60 times each second and determines where the user is looking on the screen.

Nothing is attached to the user’s head or body.

A less than 15 second calibration procedure is required to set up the system for a particular user. The user looks at a small calibration point as it moves around the screen.

There is no need to recalibrate if the user moves away from the screen and returns later.

A user operates the system by looking at rectangular “keys” or cells that are displayed on the control screen. To “press” a key, the user looks at the key for a specified period of time.

The gaze duration required to visually activate a key, typically about ½ second, can be adjusted by the user.

An array of menu keys and exit keys allow the user to navigate the Eyegaze programs independently. 

Everything You Need Right Out Of The Box

  • Stay Connected
    • The Eyegaze Edge® is designed so that people from multiple locked-in diagnoses can take their lives back.
  • Easy Setup and Calibration
    • Calibration takes only 15 seconds. That’s how fast you’ll be connected.
  • Speech Generation
    • Generate speech by typing a message or selecting pre-programmed phrases.
  • Call and Text
    • Integrate with a cellular device.
  • Control Any Application
    • The Eyegaze Edge® allows you to control any app or program with ease.
  • Control the Environment
    • Control entertainment and sound systems, lights, and switches with infrared frequencies and radio waves.
  • Browse the Web
    • Web access designed for Eyegaze® input.
  • Email Integration
    •  Send and receive messages and pictures.
  • All Day Use
    • Our low light camera minimizes fatigue and accommodates for droopy eyelids.

Eyegaze Edge® Mounting Options

  • Articulating Adjustable Arm Table Mount (NOTE: Only mount included with Eyegaze Edge® at no additional cost.) 
  • Wheelchair Mount (Additional cost)
  • Rolling Floor Stand Mount (Additional cost)

Eyegaze Edge® Software and Accessories

  • Eyeworld 3.0
    • A web browser tailored for eye-tracking accessibility.
  • UIRT Environmental Control (Additional Cost)
    • Use the Eyegaze Edge® to control lights, locks, temperature, and more.
  • Eyegaze Edge® Link For Computer Access 
    • Connect to and use regular Windows and Mac devices with the Eyegaze Edge®.
  • Eyegaze Edge® Endurance Pack (Additional Cost)
    • Extra-long battery life for users on the go.


Eye Tracking Camera Technical Specifications

Gaze Position Accuracy <0.45°
Spatial Resolution <0.1°
Sample Rate 60Hz
Eye Tracking Mode Monocular
Operating Distance 43-83cm
Tracking Range 7.6 x 6.4 x 6cm
Calibration Mode 5pt, 9pt, 13pt
Head Movement Velocity 50cm/sec
System Latency 18ms
Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 8.8 x 3.4 x 13.8cm
Weight 6.3oz
Eyewear Compatibility Works with majority of glasses and lenses
Compliance FDA, CARF, CE (EU)


Speech Generating Device Technical Specifications

Memory 8GB DDR3
Storage 256GB SSD
Number of USB 3.0 Ports 1
Number of USB 3.0 Hub Ports 3
Number of USB C Ports 1
HDMI Port 1
Micro SD Card Slot 1
Weight 1.9 pounds
Dimensions 8.2L x 11.7W x 3.5H inches
Display Size

12.5" (3:2) LED backlit HD 60Hz Glare Panel with 45% NTSC

Max Screen Resolution 2160 x 1440
Voltage 19 volts
Battery Life 8 hours Manufacturer - Battery life varies based on use and power settings
Battery Life with EyeTracker 1 hour 30min at High Performance (Eye tracking/Web browsing/music)
Battery Life with Endurance Pack 8 hours with endurance pack at High Performance (Eye tracking/Web browsing/music)
Operating System Windows 10 Pro

Warranty Information

* Full warranty for a year
* Base package includes installation, setup, user and caregiver training, user support, and technical support for up to a year

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